Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC

 Posted on 8/6/2006 by to wrote:
> Opie301 wrote:
> > A good man once said...
> > "All life can be broken down into moments of transition and moments of
> > revelation. This [has] the feeling of both."
> >
> > Congratulations to you, Joe.
> Yes, Ron Howard is one director who might be trusted with your work.
> :)

I just got back today from two days spent at Ron's farm up in
Connecticut going through the script and doing what's necessary to get
this thing up and on the rails with him and several of the brass from
Imagine, and boy, I gotta tell you, it was maybe one of the best
creative experiences I've had in a long time. To work with guys who
really know story, who when they discuss the script it's all about what
makes sense rather than giving notes out of agendas or's like
a breath of fresh air, and nice people on top of that.

It's all very exciting, they're already budgeting and doing schedules,
talking to actors, and talking about the film as a prestige project.
This was my first meeting with Ron, and it confirmed everything that
I'd heard: level-headed, incredibly smart and creative, grounded,
friendly, it's all about what makes the best story, the best scene, the
best shot.

As if this were all not enough, late Friday, after a number of
conversations with a major studio about another project -- a big-budget
historical action piece, think something along the lines of Braveheart
or Gladiator -- they called to offer me the gig. I accepted, and we're
off to the races. My first priority of course is to Changeling, but
once that's up and moving ahead, I go right to this and B5:TLT.

The script for Borrowed Lives will be going in this week to Touchstone,
and we'll see what follows thereafter. But I'm very happy with the
script at this point.

Amazing times....