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Jan wrote:
> Found this article at the Futon Critic
> which says:
> <<Episode five is Watchbird, based on the short story by the legendary Robert
> Sheckley and written Sam Egan. The episode stars Sean Astin and James Cromwell
> and is directed by Harold Becker. In Watchbird, as society creates robotic
> droids to prevent killing before it takes place, they discover that all life
> depends on a fragile formula of killing and death.>>
> Written by Sam Egan?? IMDB seems to show a joint credit with you and Sam Egan
> but it may be just that he's Co-Exec. Producer? But so are a bunch of other
> people, it seems. Is that an error is did something change?
> The actor list is making the show look really interesting, as does the info that
> Stephen Hawking will be introducing/narrating. I don't see any info on when
> it's to air, though.

Upon reviewing the extensive revisions done up in Canada, which I
didn't see until almost time to shoot, I felt that the end product did
not reflect my work and deleted my credit. It's Egan's draft, and he
should receive appropriate credit.

> For those looking on, there are photos on JMS's IMDB page now, of JMS with Tracy
> Scoggins and JMS with Doug Netter posing with the G'Kar costume at the party to
> launch AOL's In2TV.
> Jan
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