Re: So what is it 3*20 min? or is there more.

 Posted on 7/26/2006 by to

Tobias Ussing wrote:
> As far as i can see it only says "the first" will be three episodes, about
> three different characters. Each episode will be 20 minutes.
> Which might read to a pessimist that it will be a dvd with one hour of
> material. Which i will of course buy. But, is there more on the
> pipeline(besides for the "the first", which i must admit doesn't really
> make me feel secure that there will be more).
> Is there any more information out there on how much will be produced?

No, it's closer to one-half-hour per story, so figure about 75-90
minutes per DVD, plus additional material adding up to a two-hour DVD.