Re: The Bugle sueing Peter !!!

 Posted on 7/19/2006 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe wrote:
> I'm assuming it's for misrepresentation. As in taking pictures of
> himself and selling them to the paper. But does Jonah have a legal foot
> to stand on? Is doing that wrong in some way? I know he's often asked
> Peter how he gets such good action shots and the answer has often been
> along the "ask me no questions.........." line and that Peter has at
> times claimed to having an arrangement with Spidey but for Peter to have
> done something actionable wouldn't a Bugle employee have had to ask him
> directly if he was Spider'man. Has anyone ever done that?

Having worked as a journalist for a lot of newspapers and magazines
myself, there are a LOT of elements that JJJ can sue Peter over. Not
just sue, but win.

You sign a contract with a newspaper indemnifying them and giving them
certain guarantees concerning the nature of the material you're giving
them: that it hasn't been staged, that you have no personal stake in
the material being covered, that the representations made are honest,
that there was no collusion between you and the source of your piece,
and a bunch of other contractual requirements.

So Jonah can come after Peter for misrepresentation, fraud, breach of
contract, passing off, violating the clauses of his indemnification of
the newspaper, exposing the paper to ridicule, and about a dozen other
torts that would be slam-dunks in any court in the land.