Re: ATTN JMS: Vol 8, page 14

 Posted on 6/28/2006 by to

Wendy of NJ wrote:
> Does your "something of interest to convey in Volume 9" correlate in
> any way to the advice to scan Variety this week?
> hopeful,

That's one of them, yeah...remember, we're looking at multiple
announcements about all kinds of things. This is one of them.

And to clarify since there appears to be some confusion...this isn't an
option of a book, I wrote the screenplay. It isn't an if-maybe-option,
it's a full-out purchase of said screenplay, in which they back up the
money truck and big parcels come out. The purchase is a done deal, and
Imagine is going to produce it. Because if you're nost sure you're
going to make something, you option it. If you want to make it for
sure, you buy it...and as the page one article in Variety points out,
this was a purchase.

This also for those out there on various groups who so hate the idea
that my career is alive and well that they would chew off their own
arms before acknowldging this situation. Which is, of course, a large
part of the fun at my end....