jms in north carolina

 Posted on 6/23/2006 by to

For the local B5 folks in and around Charlotte...I'll be there for the
Heroes Convention the weekend of June 30th, doing a lot of signing,
some panels, my usual one-person song and dance (minus the singing and
dancing, natch).

Also, being up to my tuchis in deadlines and general nonsense, I forgot
to put out a note that volume 8 of the B5 scripts went up yesterday,
which has the last few scripts from season three, including obviously
our season finale "Z'ha'dum," and the first batch of scripts for season
four. What's really cool is that, in addition to the new intro --
which reveals for the first time how we literally nearly lost the show
because of an accounting error, among other cool stuff -- features a
bunch of full pages of Peter Ledger's original concept art for B5,
including the first drawings of our characters at that time, as well as
the world of B5 itself. Most of it has not been seen before, certainly
not in anything more than postage size images on a PTEN flyer.

There may also be some interesting announcements coming soon on the
film/tv front. Whether or not I will be able to talk about them by
Heroes Con, I don't know, but if not, certainly by San Diego (by which
time a lot of it will have been announced in the trades anyway). No
fair guessing, because trust me, most of this is stuff that can't be