Re: AATN JMS: Straczynskicast (us eof name

 Posted on 6/5/2006 by to

Dan Dassow wrote:
> Matt Ion wrote:
> > Dan Dassow wrote:
> >
> > > Other obvious Straczynskiisms include:
> > > Straczynskimania, Straczynskiology, Straczynskisized, Straczynskimart,
> > > Straczynskiopia, Straczynskimedia, Straczynskifying, Straczynskianium,
> > > Straczynskicon, Straczynskiicism, Straczynskimation, Straczynskimetry,
> > > Straczynskiarianism and Straczynskicalifragilisticexpialidocious.
> >

This entire conversation demonstrates clearly why it was a good idea to
just abbreviate my signature to just jms.

On the other hand, having been made merciless fun of by other kids when
I was young because of my name, there's something to be said for the
perfect vengeance that now so many people can spell an
apparently infinite number of declensions.