Re: Anything new going on?

 Posted on 5/18/2006 by to


You said on your podcast that you had been given outlines from me
concerning the future of "Crusade." I have never given you any such
outlines, nor do any exist. If you have them, post them, or provide
the dates of them. If you cannot produce them, you owe both me and the
B5 fan community an apology.

You further said that my involvement in these novels was becoming
"less" with time, because I was "a busy chap." I have never had ANY
involvement with these novels. If you say I have, then produce any
memos or dates of conversations. You cannot, because they have not
taken place. You owe me and the B5 community an apology for
misrespresenting the facts in order to pretend to my involvement with
these books.

You cannot deny having said these things, because they are online for
anyone to listen to.

Do you really think that misrepresenting the facts to the fans who rely
on this information is a good way to represent B5?