Re: Repost: ATTN JMS: Questions concerning "Comes the Inquisitor"

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Angelika Tobisch wrote:

> > Since I'm new on the group, hello to everyone.
> >
> >
> > While skimming the latest scripts something in "Comes the
> > Inquisitor" caught my attention:
> >
> > When Sheridan arrives to save Delenn, Sebastian tells him
> > about her involvement in the war. Since the audience will
> > only get to know this little tidbit much later (it totally
> > blew me away btw, the combination of total surprise _and_
> > absolute believability is a great one) and you said
> > somewhere that Delenn will never tell Sheridan (something
> > I'm not so glad about, but that's beside the point), this,
> > to me, is quite a big change.
> >
> > Was this scene actually filmed and only edited out later?
> >
> > Are there any particular reasons for dropping the scene or
> > was it just for reasons of editing?
> >

I'm trying to remember, 'cause it was a while ago, but I have a vague
recollection that I came to my senses and deleted the scene prior to
shooting. But then, my memory isn't what I seem to distantly recall it
might have been once, maybe.

> > It's one of my favourite episodes. A friend of mine, who
> > plays a priest in live action roleplaying, is determined
> > to watch it again some time and use some of Sebastian's
> > dialogue and demeanor in his character.
> >


> >
> > I also wanted to thank you for your words on Richard Biggs.
> > I had the chance to meet him several times at conventions
> > (all of them before I actually watched the show - stupid me)
> > and what you said about the "perpetual light" around him,
> > perfectly matches my impression of him. It was on one of
> > these conventions that we all learned of his death and the
> > somber mood throughout the rest of the event said a lot about
> > how people had perceived him.
> >

Yeah...he was an amazing guy. Still have to keep reminding myself that
he's not around anymore. If physics tells us anything, then that
amount of energy could never be wholly destroyed.