Re: JMS: Script Books level of interest?

 Posted on 4/19/2006 by to

Chadrick wrote:
> I'm not sure you are willing to share this piece of information...but
> here goes. What are the sales numbers like for the script books?
> I'm not sure any conclusions could be made from that data, but I'm
> hoping!
> Personally I have been very interested and have enjoyed my copies
> immensely.

Thanks. They're doing very well. Script books are a rather rarified
area of interest, so we went into this with the assumption that they
would never be on the New York Times best sellers list, because that's
just not what script books ever do. We wanted to get them out to the
people who would want and appreciate them, and in that we've gone well
beyond our expectations.

There's no question that we could sell a lot more of these things if we
just left them up indefinitely, but that would defeat the purpose of a
limited edition. So three months after volume 14 appears...they're
gone, we won't be reprinting these volumes after that.