Re: Volume 4 release date change

 Posted on 2/1/2006 by to

Tom wrote:
>> So I install the triple-damned thing and after the opening screen, all
> > I get is a white screen with two small orange/yellow-ish rectangles at
> > the bottom of what I assume is probably some kind of menu. Is there
> > anybody out there who knows what the hell I have to do to get this
> > thing working?
> Without examining to deeply, it sounds like a video driver problem. Is
> this installed on a PC? Windows XP?

I run Windows XP Professional, with an Nvidia video card, and the last
driver I have on this is 2003 but that should be the most current. I
have oodles of room on the drive, and all the other programs work fine.
I change display modes and resolution and the problem persists.