Re: Volume 4 release date change

 Posted on 1/31/2006 by to

Jan wrote:
> The latest update on shows Volume 4 with a release date of
> February 11.

You beat me to it...I was going to mention this. I kind of fell behind
on the intro and commentaries (18,000+ words) due to finishing up the
first television script for the new series. But I'm caught up now, and
all is good. One difference in this edition...a lot of folks were
asking for more lost story material after the first couple of books
came out, and I located a partial early draft of a script entitled
"Festival!" which I completely dropped and re-tooled as "The Parliament
of Dreams." So we're including that partial script and the notes that
I wrote with it about where it was going to go in volume 4. This was
also the only script written featuring Mr. Jones, who was going to
become a recurring character on the show. Again, it's an inside look
into the creative process and decisions that created the series.

And while I'm here...a question for the neep-neeps amongst us....

Having finished the TV script, and catching up on both my comics work
and the fourth volume of B5 scripts, I figured I'd reward myself by
installing Quake 4, which I'd bought some time ago and have been
waiting for the right time to treat myself.

So I install the triple-damned thing and after the opening screen, all
I get is a white screen with two small orange/yellow-ish rectangles at
the bottom of what I assume is probably some kind of menu. Is there
anybody out there who knows what the hell I have to do to get this
thing working?

Of course, the moment I do, I think I can pretty much forget getting
any work done for a while....