Note Regarding Volume 3+ ID numbers

 Posted on 1/7/2006 by to

Posted at the request of the B5 scripts team:



Alert from the Babylon 5 Scripts Team: has
adjusted the proof-of-purchase requirement to earn volume 15. The
only information buyers will be asked to submit is their order number
for each volume. In other words, no one is required to state the
unique identifier found on the backs of volumes 1 and 2, (but NOT on
volume 3) as formerly indicated on the website. This should simplify

As a side note, order numbers can be found in the confirmation emails
from Cafe Press, as well as the receipt included with each book
shipment. If you have misplaced either, Cafe Press will happily give
you this information by phone. You can reach them during business
hours at 877-809-1659. International customers can reach them via
email using the feedback form on their site.

If you have any other questions, please contact the head of the
Babylon 5 Scripts Team at

Complete details about the proof of purchase can be found here: