Re: Volume 3 Available Monday

 Posted on 1/2/2006 by to

Joan wrote:
> I have one question Joe. Have you ever written for/or any comedy
> shows? I love your sense of humor.

Probably the closest I've come is the animated series The Real
Ghostbusters, which had a rather substantial amount of humor to it.
But for, never done it, never really had that much
interest in it because I don't find a lot of them very funny. I think
that without laugh tracks, a lot of those folks would be out of
business. They're too self-aware, too self-consciously funny...granted
there are exceptions, but I've almost given up watching sitcoms for the
most part. (On the other hand, if I come across a rerun of the Dick
Van Dyke show, or Fawlty Towers, I'm's just never-endingly

On the flip side, however, on my own shortcomings...I cannot write or
tell a joke to save my life. I kind of look at things funny, and I can
express something in a way that sometimes gets a laugh...but to write
an actual joke is just about impossible for me.