Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies

 Posted on 12/28/2005 by to

Jon Schild wrote:

> > Hold a tin drum up to your ear and bang on it as hard as you can for
> > about twenty minutes. The experience is very much the same.
> >
> > jms
> >
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> You are being much too modest, a characteristic not often attributed to
> writers. I have seen you in person at two worldcons, San Fransisco when
> you showed a couple of unfinished episodes of Babylon 5 before they were
> broadcast, and later in Los Angeles where you had the largest room
> available, but many of us attended the sessions before yours in that
> room just to guarantee a seat. I would love to have everything you said
> at those two available either on CD or in print. I must assume I would
> feel the same about the sessions I did not hear.

I'm somewhere in the middle of the road on this whole issue, actually.
Sometimes I'm okay, sometimes I just suck, and I do talk way too fast,
even for somebody from Jersey. Which is a trait of nervousness,
because I've never really been big on public speaking. It's something
that I've *learned* to do, but I've never been *comfortable* doing.

Interestingly, to your point, Shane Shellenbarger has been videotaping
just about every major (and some minor) convention appearance I've ever
made (the unlucky bastard, I'm guessing he lost a bar bet). That
should be quite a document, if only to use a series of dissolves to
trace the diminuation of the hairline....