Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies

 Posted on 12/28/2005 by to

Bill wrote:
> >Hold a tin drum up to your ear and bang on it as hard as you can for
> >about twenty minutes. The experience is very much the same.
> >
> >jms
> Very funny, but not exactly accurate. I saw you at Wizard World Philly
> for the first time and I thought you were a fantastic speaker.
> Bill (the idiot who forgot his own name while asking you for an
> autograph)

Don't feel bad about it, happens all the time. Sometime at a
convention somebody ask me about the time I ran into Kirk Douglas for
the first time if you want to hear awkward.

Funnily, when I'm signing autographs I'll ask, "To whom should I make
this?" in hopes of a name and the person in line will say, "Me."