Re: ATTN JMS - script book season opening voiceovers

 Posted on 12/23/2005 by to wrote:
> Nearly finished reading script book volume 1 and enjoyed it so much
> more than I expected I ordered vol 2 and I've put it under the tree to
> give me something to look forward to. Christmas will be good this
> year.
> The one thing I was looking forward to was the voiceover lines on the
> opening credits. I've not found them yet, so if they're not in vol 2
> will they be appearing at all since the logical place for the S1
> variant will have passed ?

I didn't think there'd be any interest in having them there, since they
can be transcribed fairly easily. I can include them in a bunch at
some point if there's any interest. I may also have a memo or two
describing the layout for the editor for one or two of them.