Re: Upcoming Silver Surfer: Requiem

 Posted on 12/21/2005 by to

Mat Shafer wrote:
> Good evening Joe,
> First off, I wish to thank you for your genius ability of
> story-telling. I have been an admirer of your work before I knew who
> you were. To give you a clue, I was like 11 or so when Captain Power
> came out and loved the futuristic storyline ( Again I was 11). Then the
> year I graduated, I was home before getting ready for work and noticed
> this interesting TV Movie was coming on, so I set my VCR. It was B5.
> The rest is history.
> I have been blown away with the intensity of your storytelling in the
> comic books. and have been waiting anxiously for Silver Surfer. Can you
> give us any insight into what the storyline will be?

Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, everyone involved with
the mini is sworn to silence on its contents, so there's nothing I can
say...but if you're looking for that intensity, believe me, you'll find
it in the mini.