Re: ATTN JMS: OT - What are your favorite current comics?

 Posted on 12/19/2005 by to

Seeker Wearing Sneakers wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> I was just wondering if you read any of the current comics being published,
> and if so, what are your personal favorites? I'm not talking about your own
> work, of course, but if you are a fan of any other particular writer
> currently working for Marvel or any other publisher.
> Aside from your stuff on ASM, FF, and BoLS, I have really gotten into the
> stuff that Robert Kirkman has been writing. I'm also a big fan of Eric
> Powell, too. I think that the three of you guys are at the top right now.
> Also, as much as I love the comics, it'll be nice to see your name on either
> the small or large screen. I hope your projects all work themselves out.

I tend to think in terms of the writers I like, rather than the leaving aside the guys with whom I work and would thus be
naturally inclined (millar/bendis/loeb), I'd mention Greg Rucka, Paul
Chadwick (whose work I'd go anywhere to read), Stan Sakai, I love what
the Wachowskis are doing with Doc Frankenstein, and I have to be honest
and say that across the board, the guys at DC have upped their game, I
think they're telling better stories and more character-based stuff,
even though some of the big crossover stuff gets a little too intricate
for my tastes. I love that Hal Jordan is back. It feels to me as if
they're really going back to their roots, and that's commendable.