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Jeffrey O. Gustafson wrote:
> Some comic book questions...
> So, since The Other has started, I've had some questions about the
> process of the whole thing. Your work in Amazing has been leading up
> to the events here for *quite* a while, and as you are writing the
> nominal conclusion of the main part of this arc, what was your role in
> the first two (six, actually) parts? Was there an outline that Peter
> David and Reginald Hudlin had to follow? Or was their work informally
> covered in the last Spidey conference here in The City.

At the Spidey retreat, I turned in a rough outline, with most of the
major beats, which were then assigned out to the various writers, who
then added on their own aspects.

> With Marvel's recent announcement about "Annhilation," and the
> subsequent Silver Surfer mini by Keith Giffen, what is the status of
> your Silver Surfer mini?

It's still moving ahead. Esad Ribic has finished the art for the first
issue, and is now working on issue two. It's going to be a long haul,
because these are all painted pages, very detailed, and I imagine that
Keith's book will be ready to go long before ours, so no reason to hold
him up.

> How cool is it to be working, even indirectly, with your old friends
> Peter David and Neil Gaiman?

Not so much working with Neil on any of this, actually...and after the
outlines went to Peter and Reggie, that was pretty much the end of it,
minus appearing at some cons afterward.

> And have you ever read any of Chris Ware's work?

I don't believe so, but it could also be that the name just isn't
ringing a bell, and I find that the bell seems to get farther and
farther down the hall these days....


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