Re: ATTN JMS: regarding "The Boss"

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Wendy of NJ wrote:
> And no, I'm not talking about Bruce Springsteeeeen.
> The "Boss" character who was supposed to be a recurring character in
> B5 -- did he finally make his appearance in the Crusade movie as the
> head of the Theive's Guild? Just curious, because he seems to fit that
> character's description. I certainly got a "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
> feel for that whole scene.

There were certainly aspects of it, to be sure. It was always
something I wanted to tackle, and when a chance appeared in Crusade for
a character like that, I took it. Had the series continued, we likely
would have seen more of him.

> I'm enjoying the memos and notes at the end of the book immensely. It
> was a very pleasant surprise to see that you were considering a
> "druid/witch/goddess worshipper" idea for an episode. Certainly would
> have been neat to see it on screen.

Thanks...again, the idea is that all of us -- our cultures, beliefs,
and so on -- continue, and will go with us to the stars. So why not
have a pagan or a goddess worshipper? Insofar as I know, none of that
stuff has yet been wiped off the earth (not for lack of trying, of

> I don't remember any Burma Shave billboards during all the road trips
> we took in my youth (but I do know from whence they came - someone's
> collected them and they get talked about in 'history of advertising"
> books). What I do remember was "South of the Border" billboards... we
> used to count them on the road trips from NYC to Florida. I think the
> first one was actually on the NJ Turnpike, back in the day (with a
> sign that said something like "Only 580 miles!")

I would think that, upon nearing the NJ border, the most apt sign would
be, "Turn Back Now While You Still Can."