Re: Question for JMS (or anyone who knows) about Scripts Vol. 2 or 3

 Posted on 12/16/2005 by to

knight1024 wrote:
> Hi, I have a question about the B5 Scripts books.
> I want to learn more about why Michael O'Hare (Commander Sinclair) left
> the show after the first season. I am guessing that that information
> MAY be in either Volume 2 or Volume 3 of the scripts books, since those
> books have scripts and info on the season one finale and the beginning
> of season two. I am on a budget and want to buy the book that contains
> this info.
> Please let me know which book that this information is in (Vol. 2 or
> 3), if it is included at all. I think it would be really interesting to
> know the truth about why he left (it seemed to come out of left field,
> at the time). Thanks.

The issue is discussed at some length in volume 3, which is the longest
intro/commentary yet.