Re: Attn JMS: Intros to non-JMS scripts?

 Posted on 12/1/2005 by to

Amy Guskin wrote:
> Hey, Joe, on another thread, Methuselah Jones posted a list of the scripts
> that will _not_ appear in the script books, because they are not yours. They
> are:
> S1
> Born to the Purple - Larry DiTillio
> The War Prayer - D. C. Fontana
> Deathwalker - Larry DiTillio
> Believers - David Gerrold
> Survivors - Mark Scott Zicree
> By Any Means Necessary - Kathryn Drennan
> TKO - Larry DiTillio
> Grail - Christy Marx
> Eyes - Larry DiTillio
> Legacies - D. C. Fontana
> S2
> A Distant Star - D.C. Fontana
> The Long Dark - Scott Frost
> A Spider in the Web - Larry DiTillio
> Soul Mates - Peter David
> GROPOs - Larry DiTillio
> There all Honor Lies - Peter David
> Knives - Larry DiTillio
> S5
> Day of the Dead - Neil Gaiman
> Any chance we could get intros to these episodes, in lieu of your being able
> to sell us the actual scripts? I'm thinking you must have _some_ interesting
> stories about them, like how they came to be solicited, how you came to be
> working with that particular writer, what interesting or funny things
> happened during the redrafting process, what they brought to the table after
> they digested your initial idea, etc.
> Since some of these scripts have already passed in their rotations, maybe you
> could pop the intros for them into the final book of their respective season.

I think there's room to talk about some of the other episodes in the
general introduction to a given book, in terms of anecdotes and the
like, but to do a full-scale commentary on one of them seems wrong to
me in that a) it would go to lengths about something not available in
the book, and b) given that it's someone else's script, it feels
vaguely presumptuous of me. Good question, though.