Re: Script Book Volume 1 Received

 Posted on 11/21/2005 by to

Jan wrote:
> And for those looking forward to Volume 2, the website now shows that it'll be
> available for ordering November 26 at 6:00 PM pacific.
> JMS seems to be having a great time writing the volume descriptions. Check out
> .

Sometimes I get a little loopy, yeah....

BTW, a number of SF-oriented bookstores have started buying copies in
groups, so that they can get it at the discounted rate during the 7 day
window, and sell them thereafter at the cover price, making a ten buck
profit per book...something I hadn't thought about or mentioned as a
possibility until it began happening, which is actually kind of a cool

They've now sold copies to over 30 countries, including Zaire and
Saudia Arabia, which for some reason just astonishes me.