www.babylon5scripts.com now online

 Posted on 10/30/2005 by jmsatb5@aol.com to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

Pardon the repost...the other iteration of this message ended up buried
in another thread....

The first volume of Babylon 5 scripts is now up via
www.babylon5scripts.com, with all the features noted elsewhere (as well
as on the site itself).

According to an email I got from those putting this together, within
two hours of being online orders had poured in from the US, Australia,
New Zealand, France, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and
several other countries.

(Funny story...when they were ready to launch the site, before sending
out the email notifications or letting word out, they put it online
just long enough to do a test order...only to discover that by the time
they put in that one test order, four other orders had come in before

And just as an aside, if you miss reading the faq file...you miss some