Re: ATTN JMS: $0.00 off dvd sales? So downloading is okay? was:

 Posted on 10/30/2005 by to

Troy Heagy wrote:
> But in any's a moot point. I've never
> received a dime off the DVDs and likely never
> will.
> jms
> =======================================
> In that case, why does it matter if we download,
> instead of buy the dvds? You don't lose
> anything.
> (I'm asking because of genuine curiosity. NOT
> because I endorse downloading/stealing.)

The implication being that if one does not have a personal, vested
interest, then it's okay to steal from somebody else.

That I got the deal that I got is a side issue from that of piracy.
Lots of other folks have lots of other deals and *do* get to benefit
from their work. That should not be denied to them. So I'm foursquare
against downloading. Just because we all *want* everything free does
not mean that we should *get* everything for free.