Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!

 Posted on 10/28/2005 by to

The process has really been an interesting one...this was originally going to be just a chance to publish the scripts and get them all out there, but it's grown much past that. I don't think there has ever been this detailed an examination of the making of the show from the inside before, as brought out now through the general introductions and episodic discussions in the books. There's stuff in here nobody's ever heard about before, all the real behind-the-scenes stuff.

I'm now three books into this thing, and the volume one intro is now almost 14,000 words in length, volume two is over 15,000 words, and the intro I'm currently writing to volume three is already at 13,000 words and I'm still only about two-thirds through the darned thing. Given that the average book is 80K to 100K in length, by the time I'm finished writing intros for all these books there will be almost enough for two volumes just on the making of B5.

I'd always originally intended to one day write the Making of B5 as its own book...but now it looks like I'm close to writing that book now, on the installment plan....