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Thunder, Agent '005 wrote:
> Citizen Vantu wrote:
> > If you have enough employees with good speaking voices you could produce the scripts in audio
> > therefore spoken form.
> I think this qualifies as a performance and can't be done since Warner
> owns the rights to performances of the script, while Joe owns the actual
> script (at least, that was my understanding. Perhaps somebody like Amy
> would know for sure?)

Correct. There is a qualitative, and *legal* distinction between
reading a prose novel, to which the author and/or publisher has the
performance rights, to essentially performing a script, even if that
performance is by one reader, to which neither the publisher nor the
author holds the performance rights. I know without question that WB
would take the position that a reading of the scripts would constitute
a performance infringing on their own rights, and sue. The scripts can
be published under established WGA rules, but that's all.