Re: an update from jms

 Posted on 9/17/2005 by to

Jan wrote:

> After all the auditoriums filled to standing room only, all the extra signings
> and spotlights you've had to squeeze in to accomodate fans, you're still
> surprised?
> Curiosity's rampant as to how many it took to fill the to share?

I don't know the figure...I know that by the end of the first day it
passed the one thousand mark, but where it cracked the mainframe beyond
that I don't yet know. Also, the main one to use for email addresses
is the address, the should not be
used for now to help their system handle it all.

The other good thing about getting folks in early is that we've
discussed internally the idea of limiting the period during which these
scripts will be available. We've talked about doing this for just one
year so that they have value as limited editions so that they can be a
real investment, vs. a two-year window, vs. an open-ended situation.
We're still backing-and-forthing on this one. We've also discussed
limiting this to a 5,000 or 10,000 print run, but I don't know if
that's practical since some will want the full set and some won't and
we might get some lopsided results. Either way, if we do go for a short
window of one sort or another, it's best to get everybody in sooner
rather than later.

(As noted, we're doing 7 scripts per book, so it starts with the
original draft of "The Gathering" plus 5 episodes, through "Mind
War"...continues cleanly until the end of the series, where there are
only 5 episodic scripts remaining, so we'll be putting in "In the
Beginning" to round it back up to 7 again.)