Re: Attn JMS - scripts for visually impaired? (was Re: an update

 Posted on 9/16/2005 by to

Amy Guskin wrote:
> JMS, I'm passing along a note I got from someone who's having trouble getting
> on the newsgroup. Rick writes:
> >> This is important to me in light of JMS's most recent message
> about the scripts, because I'm Blind, and I'd like to put a bug in his ear
> to possibly get these released in some kind of accessible format. (I blew
> out my optic nerves in a time of extreme high blood pressure) But I can't do
> this if my messages won't appear on the forum. <<
> I have the poster's e-mail address if you'd prefer to reply privately - just
> let me know.

Unfortunately, the company doesn't have the systems by which to do
this, so at this point there's not much we can do, and the scripts have
never been transferred to brail, so 5,600 pages would have to be done
before we could even talk about the production side.