Re: ATTN JMS: Wha....Huh?

 Posted on 9/13/2005 by to

Seeker Wearing Sneakers wrote:
> OK, so I finally got around to reading the long-delayed but somewhat
> humorous Marvel comic, Wha....Huh? It was alright, but did I miss
> something? Wasn't there supposed to be a JMS-penned ditty in there
> somewhere? I could have sworn that it was originally solicited with a
> "Straczynski" in among the other writers, and on different websites, they
> are still putting your name on it. So my question is, were you ever
> involved in the writing of "Wha....Huh?" and if you were, what happened to
> your contribution?
> Thanks,
> Craig

I was never actually contacted by anyone...nobody ever discussed it
with me, I was as surprised as anyone else to see my name on the