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> > A poor choice of words? With all due respect to JMS, I'd have to
> > yes. But JMS a racist? No bloody way.
> Probably best not to use racist terms then, huh?
> Paul.

Okay, Paul. Enough.

You have been running your mouth saying that I made a "racist" comment,
that I am using "racist" terms. That, therefore, I *am* a racist.

Perhaps you missed the meeting, but I am a Caucasian. Britain is still
considered for the most part, at least, an Anglo-Saxon nation.
Caucasian. We're members of the same freaking race.

Racism by EVERY DEFINITION that you care to apply, especially from the
dictionary, refers to different RACES. If there are no different races
involved, it's not racism. Argue all you want, words mean what they
mean, not what we WANT them to mean.

There may be cultural differences, but that's not a race.

So your terminology is offensive, insulting, wrong, libelous,
potentially damaging to my career and reputation, and defamatory...and
be advised that there are laws in England about such things. And from
this point on, I am copying my attorney on all our correspondence,
because you are actively attempting to attack my reputation and defame
me as a racist, and I do not take that lightly. If you think for just
a *second* that I will nok\t prosecute you if you continue in this way,
you're definitely wrong. have said now that I used "racist terms." You have said
it now repeatedly.

After discussing the British class system, which has been documented in
more studies than I have time to cite, I said, in jest, simply that
you're not making sense "even for a Brit."

That's all. And for that you are attempting to defame me and my
reputation with false accusations.

I have been posting over the last 10 years under my name. Every post
I've written since 1994 has been archived. You can google all of them.

You find ONE SINGLE post from me where I say anything using racist
terms, just one...and I will not only resign permanently from this
group, I will resign from the internat itself Permanently.

If you cannot...then you do the same.

I'm telling you straight up, Paul: put up or shut up.

You have published damaging, defamatory, libelous comments about me now
at some length here, using inflammatory terms like racism because I
said that YOU were not making sense "even for a Brit." That is the
SOLE basis of your accusation...and it's a lie. It's a filthy lie, and
it's legally and factually untrue. And there have already been several
successful prosecutions against those who engage in a reckless
disregard for the truth when libeling someone on the internet.

So either you produce an actual racist comment...or apologize for
running my name through the gutter...or resign...or prepare to defend
yourself in court. And I hope you have the cash on hand to defend what
is a completely indefensible position, because you're going to have to.

I mean it. I have already retained an attorney in London.

So the choice is yours.

But this horseshit ends right now.


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