Re: To JMS: Church (was To JMS)

 Posted on 1/2/2005 by to

>Now, the _ad hominem_ argument JMS and others here are using is that
>because there have been unattractive and even un-Christian actions in
>(1), therefor the beliefs in (2) are false.
>This does not follow.

Which is why I didn't say it. Didn't say anything close to what you're
characterizing. Show me where I, as you say, "condemn Christianity."

You can't, because I didn't.

Understand: I'm not here to reaffirm your beliefs. Nor am I here to invalidate
them. If asked what I think about a given subject, I will give my opinion.
I'm not out to change anybody's opinion (unlike the ten gazillion emails I've
gotten since this started out to try and convert me...and by the way, stop it,
you who know who you are).

What bugs me is hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty. And that's the subject
under discussion. So setting up a straw man by saying I condemned Christianity
so that you can then skewer it is of no interest or assistance in the
discussion, since that's not what I have said.


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