Re: JMS Interview at fanboyplanet.

 Posted on 10/21/2004 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>When, as a creator, you're asked about a number of people who've expressed
>dislike of your work, picking out and knocking down the nuts who are out of
>is the easiest way to react: People with common sense don't often agree with
>nuts. Subsequently, if you're successful in painting all your critics as
>there's a good chance the folks who don't care either way will agree with
>instead of wondering whether there might be anything wrong with your work.

>Of course, this practice probably tells you more about the writers themselves
>than about their critics, but I'm not surprised, to be honest.

Of course the funny thing in your message is that you don't seem to notice the
corrolary, which is that if I (or any comics creator) criticize the critics,
however gently, the amount of screaming, tarring-and-feathering, dead-catting,
profanity and abuse that comes back is astonishing to behold.

So I guess that validates your last point, no?


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