Re: JMS Interview at fanboyplanet.

 Posted on 10/19/2004 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>As lots and lots of people have tried to point out, JMS, people are not
>stomping on Gwen. People aren't saying "Oh my God, Gwen is such a terrible
>person! I don't want to read a comic which features such an evil, cheating
>slut! I only read comics about decent, wholesome young women who are
>unfailingly true to their boyfriends!"

Not true. Go to google for a web-search, enter the search terms for gwen't
name and the terms slut, whore and tramp. Go see for yourself. What you just
said is not only untrue, it's *demonstrably* untrue. It's not a matter of
opinion, it's a matter of record.


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