Re: Where is JMS? In the past he defended Sins Past

 Posted on 10/11/2004 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>I'm assuming you mean May here, since MJ never, to our knowledge, met
>Peter's birth mother.

Yeah, I did, I'm an idiot.

>But this does make me realize something odd about
>Peter. In the two decades or so (and 40 years of comics stories) that May
>has been the parental figure in his life and one of the two who raised him
>from pre-teen/post-toddler childhood, I can't recall a single time he's
>ever even tried to address her as "Mom" or even said something like "You do
>know that you're also my mother". He's often thanked her for raising him,
>but never gone all the way to acknowledging the effective adoptive mother/son

Hmm...good point....


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