re: "jeremiah" news

 Posted on 7/2/2004 by to

>The final episodes will, however, be seen in the US this fall.

One of the rumors I heard -- and again, this is only a rumor, from what I heard
from a few people inside -- the reason they pushed the back of the show this
far was because it's a very political story and there was pressure to shove it
to after the elections.

Overall, this season does have a President who was elected by a minority, who
is using strongarm tactics and biological terror to rule the country, another
would-be leader who is using fear tactics and prison camps to instal a new
world order (a leader who doesn't actually exist, who is a template through
whom other, stronger people do what they want)...a war on American soil....

Anyway, that was the rumor, that it was too political to air the rest early in
an election year, and thus better to wait.


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