re: supreme power #6 question

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>So, why do you guys think Mark said "Not very" when Stanley asked how far he
>got? I can see a few reasons for it, and I can't decide which one has the
>most exciting implications for later.
>1) His standards are so high, that was a completely honest answer.
>2) He wants to hide the true extent of his powers from Stanley, perhaps out
>of a mistrust similar to that others showed him.
>3) He wants to hide the true extent of his powers from everybody,
>particularly the military.
>So, what do you all think?

I think he wasn't referring to powers, or heights, or space...more like how far
away in his heart did he get? The soft bars were still there, the window we
see him returning to similar in orientation to the fence penning in the horses.
In giving the answer he's describing the truth in units of pain, not distance.

Because no matter how far he got...he always came back.


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