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>I was reading in another post that somebody was saying that they'd read
>that the Rising Stars matter with Top Cow had been resolved. Is this

Yes. There were a number of conditions set before Top Cow in order to resolve
this, and those conditions were met. So the final three scripts will be turned
in by late January/early February, and the Rising Stars story will be complete.

>And also, is there anything else new for all us grateful fans? :)

Well, lessee...the first issue of the Doc Strange mini is nearly done, and I've
turned in the first issue of a new series for Marvel which will have to await a
more formal word from them, I'm afraid, since PR is properly their venue on
things like this, and the next Supreme Power comes out next week. Spidey 501
came out a few days ago (and the last page is kind of a goof from what I'd
originally's a long story, but it doesn't look like it should.)

On the B5 front, there has been something of rather substantial proportion
that's finally gone from talk to money, such that I'm now working frantically
to meet some deadlines, but there's nothing I can say about this until after
January 15th, probably closer to the end of that month.

The only thing I can say is that phase one of the new project is a go, hence
the furious writing schedule at this end of things, which is why I've been
silent until deciding to kick up some dust on the political discusion. I've
been writing my little brains out.

I know the immediate result of this will be speculation, but if we could keep
that to a low roar on the nets to avoid precluding anything, that would be a
wonderfulness. But trust me: I wouldn't go on about something in this way if
it wasn't a significant development. Just trust me on this one for a bit and
hold fire until further word.

(Longtime followers of the various news groups know that an eep means that
something significant has happened, but that I can't talk about it...the eep is
just a way of saying, on the QT, that something has, indeed, happened and it's
real, not just speculation or maybe-gonna-happens. So on that basis, you may
consider this an eep.)

And on the topic of fans for a moment...I'm happy to mention that we've
included a thanks to Steve Grimm (Lurker's Guide) and our resident moderator
Jay Denebeim on the Season 5 DVD. Just a way of saying thanks for years of
help and support.

Oh, yeah...and next year you can expect two new DVD sets that a) include all
of the TV movies in one package (with commentaries from me on "The Gathering"
and "In the Beginning") and b) package all 13 of the Crusade episodes into one


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