Re: Gore's speech re civil liberty

 Posted on 11/25/2003 by to

>That's a good theory, but it just doesn't hold up. If a terrorist can
>construct a pretty decent fake identity -or- steal an existing
>identity, they'll happily be able to register the document using either
>a constructed or stolen identity, completely circumventing the intent
>of those laws.
>So, since registration is completely useless in that respect, why
>hassle the law-abiding citizen, especially given the history of

Except that your premise is false. The terrorists who hit on 9/11 rented
apartments, vans, bought tickets all *in their own real names*. So we haven't
seen that happen.

Also, the majority of guns that are used in daily crime were stolen from
law-abiding citizens in household robberies or the like. Being able to track
back a stolen weapon could be of great use in legitimate enforcement.


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