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>Paul Harper <> wrote:
>: ... now if we could just disabuse Mr Netter of the notion that B5 S3
>: was the "first time in television history" that someone has written 22
>: episodes of *anything* that would be great!
>"consecutive" is what is meant. I'm pretty sure he's correct.
>You mention Dr Who and Blake's 7, but Blake's 7 is what JMS often
>cites as the previous record, and Terry Nation only did the first
>14 episodes (first season plus 1 episode) straight through. Doctor Who's
>cohesiveness was on the script editor level and up, but rotated through
>many writers even in the Key to Time and Trial of a Time Lord seasons.
>I've never seen a valid counterexample to the claim. Can you produce one?
>I'd be glad to know it.
>The closest I can come, poking around, is the first six seasons of
>Red Dwarf (36 episodes) writtten by the team of Grant and Naylor.
>But that's not solo writing. :)
>: I guess it's the US-centric view of the universe coming to the fore
>: again! :-)
>You may want to check your facts. :)
>There's certainly plenty of British and worldwide television of which
>I'm unaware, but it only takes one example, and I haven't seen one yet.

Not that I'm actively interested in records (maybe CDs), but just to set the
record straight...all told I wrote 91 out of 110 eps, and having written all of
S3, S4 and all but one of S5 right in the middle, that puts it at 54
consecutive scripts (since Neil's came in halfway through S5).


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