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 Posted on 9/28/2003 by to

>Did you know Amazon has a page up for 'Straczynski Unplugged'? Check out..

No, I didn't know they'd already begun taking orders on that one.

>...and if you have *any* idea what's supposed to be depicted on the cover,
>could you let us know?

I think it's my lower intestinal tract after finishing Jeremiah year 2.

> How goes the rest of your project with the feral cats?

All the kittens have found homes, and the remaining adults have all been spayed
and neutered and are living comfortably in the back yard.

>Any chance you can give us more info on definite titles and short blurbs for
>each? Should we all get physicals before this starts to make sure our hearts
>can stand it?

At this point, with the show's debut so near, best to just let the show speak
for itself. But it's pretty cool, I have to say.


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