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>there was a cute story JMS told about how, while writing the
>scene where Lyta and Byron make love he paused and wrote (paraphrased) "I
>wonder which is more embarrassing, writing this or reading it?". Several
>later (and long after I'd've thought I'd forgotten the story) I read the
>and there it was. Joe could have easily been forgiven if he'd made up that
>story but he hadn't-it was true.

I'd totally forgotten about that until you posted it here. Which is probably
one of the big reasons I don't tend to stretch the truth as a be an
effective fibber, you really need a good memory, and I don't have one.

(Funny aside about that scene...I made it clear, to protect Pat's privacy
during the love making scene, that it be a closed set, only essential camera
crew, nobody else. It's just something you do to be respectful, since there
would be a lot of skin flashing. Even I would not be on set out of a desire
for her privacy. So I'm out at editing that day, and come back to find that,
during that scene, Doug had brought some studio guys and financing guys by for
a set tour...and walked them right in on this. Suffice to say words were


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