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>So please, you've made the assertion that republicans are being unfairly
>tainted with these former allegations, so show me where the latter are true. 
> jms<<
> Here's one fine example, although the challenge will obviously be for
>you to acknowledge it.
>Senate OKs $15 Billion Bill To Rein In AIDS In Africa
>By JULIET EILPERIN The Washington Post
>Published: May 17, 2003

I read the article, which notes btw that one third of the money is being
targeted to specifically those groups that advocate abstinence, because the
administration hates doing anything that involves condoms.

More specifically, however, 1) you had to go clear the way to Africa to find
this, as salutory as this is, and 2) the whole *discussion* here has been
domestically oriented. We have always sent money overseas to buy influence,
keep allies, that sort of thing.

My point, to keep it to the conversation rather than being distracted, was
domestically oriented, toward the citizenry of this country.

So again I state;

>>>Okay, so that being the case, please show us evidence as to the
>-- helping the environment
>-- feeding the poor
>-- not giving money to the rich.

I'm still waiting.

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