Re: And So It Begins...

 Posted on 5/29/2003 by to

>I thought Halliburton won a small cleanup contract, nothing more. Am I

Yep. A Halliburton subsidiary has been given the task of managing and running
Iraq's oil system. Not only were they given this, they got it in a non-bid
situation, it was just handed over to them, no questions asked (by the
administration, at any rate).

>>Where, may I ask, do I go to get my money back on that one?
>I think you'll see it at the pump, is what they're thinking.

Yeah? Doubtful. See, they're saying they'll control the outflow of oil to
help repay the costs of rebuilding that money is going to be diverted
to that source.

You think prices are gonna come down substantially at the pumps?

Not a chance.


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