Re: And So It Begins...

 Posted on 5/27/2003 by to

>Hardly. The Constitution gives the government the right and duty for
>national defense.
>It does *not* give the government the right to take away funds from one
>citizen to benefit another.

So defense of the nation does not benefit the citizens?

So paying billions of dollars to contractors doesn't benefit one group of
citizens over another? Is the US Government aware that their contractors are
not citizens? Because if they are, then they are benefitting from this. Or is
it only okay for one citizen to benefit over another if it's military?

Further, the provisions are not a carte blanche. Do you mean to say that we
have the right to fund national defense limitlessly? To the point of, say,
hampering states, bankrupting resources, lowering the value of the dollar? Is
there not, by your lights, to be *any* kind of cap on this? They can spend
whatever they want?

Funds I pay in taxes are being paid to a Halliburton subsidiary to go in and
rebuild and control the Iraqi oil industry, which will benefit the Halliburton
board of directors to the tune of billions of dollars.

Where, may I ask, do I go to get my money back on that one?


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