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 Posted on 4/1/2003 by to

>My girlfriend Carol and I watched "Dogma" last night. (If you've seen it,
>be curious to hear any thoughts you have, as this movie is pretty much the
>Catholic Church as SF.) One running discussion we have is
>comparing/contrasting your work to Kevin's, given your common background,
>tastes and interests. She made the observation that "Kevin is very
>self-indulgent," which I guess is true. You have those "self-indulgent"
>moments, as all creators do, but Kevin's largely seem to be the core of his

I think I pretty much agree with this assessment, though I would, since I kind
of come out better in it and it would be in my interests to agree (standard

>But if you have a few moments, I'd like to know what you think about "Dogma"
>from the perspective that you're an atheist while Kevin claims to believe in

I saw it an awfully long time ago, and to be honest it's a bit fuzzy to me now.
I do remember that I enjoyed it, in a dopey kind of way, and that it was
entertaining and made some good points along the way. It's certainly not for
everybody (but really, what is?), but it does seem to have teeth in all the
right places.


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