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 Posted on 3/28/2003 by to

>So, just out of curiousity, how does it feel to see your
>pronouncements of fictional doom and gloom coming true in such a
>dramatic, world-impacting fashion?

It's a weird bit of synchronicity that has always been the case with my work
when I'm kind of riding the right waves, for lack of a better term. Riding the
synchronicity wave might be a better one. They went through B5, echoing now,
and they continue with Jeremiah.

In our story, we're moving toward a truly massive conflagration, a major war,
and in the course of filming one particular episode, as the shit hits the fan,
one character says, "Let's go kill some of the enemy and make some noise."

As it happened, by yet another weird coincidence of timing, at the moment we
shot that scene, the bombs started falling in Baghdad.

Some of the cast are becoming increasingly creeped out by this....


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