Re: B5 JMS in TV Zone again!!!!

 Posted on 3/25/2003 by to

>Just speaking for myself, I *like* the stories of carpenters who understood
>what you were doing. Who else would write entire columns about the other
>people who made B5 happen? Can't say I've ever seen that before.

I just feel more comfortable talking about that stuff, about the contributions
that the rest made, because for one thing, they tend to get overlooked because
I'm kind of the one whose name is fronted all the time. They deserve the

And I just find talking about what I do just...awkward, that's all. Not
fishing for compliments, just saying it 'cause it's true. Because of a lot of
requests, last time I did San Diege Comic Con, I tried talking about myself
what I do for the first half far more than usual, and I don't think I've ever
spent a more difficult half-hour. When we turned to questions and could throw
it to the show overall, I was substantially happier and more comfortable.

And I *like* telling stories about what other people do, about the show
overall, because it's often a lot more colorful and interesting than what I
could tell on my own behalf. I come in, I write, edit, cast, write, go home,
rinse, repeat.



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