Re: JMS and SDSU!

 Posted on 1/24/2003 by to

>Wow Joe!
>Until I saw the eariler posts, I didn't know you went to SDSU. I also did my
>undergraduate work there, and remember The Daily Aztec quite well. I spent
>years in Zura Hall, and one year as an RA in Olmeca. So I take it you
>recall the various staples of the campus such as Monty's Den, and Square Pan
>Pizza <grin>? I graduated in 1982. B5 and Jeremiah has always bode my deepest
>respect for your writing and heart felt stories, but this just increased

Yeah, I hung out in all those places. (I also worked there during two summers
as an orientation counselor, helping new students adjust.) It was a pretty
good college, all things considered.


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